Saturday, May 12, 2007

catching up

i had a bunch of cute things to share. Unfortunately I forgot most of it! I will share some pics that are cute. I tried making a video of Jedidiah sitting, his new skill, but our camera is messed up. It won't let us download the video to our computer.

We have a bunch of head hunters here. There is a reward of $5 per siting that leads to the "capture" of each enemy. That enemy being black widow spiders. We didn't see any last year so I thought we were going to be in the clear. But not so. Isabella has made 15 bucks so far! One of them was on the outside of our house near our back door. The other two were near the house. I read up on them. I think we are seeing a lot of them now because they are looking for a new home. Once a female black widow finds where she wants to build her home she doesn't leave her web. You will also find her upside down in her web as well. Interesting stuff. The good new is that they are not agressive, and very rarely lethal. But non the less dangerous!

I had Isabella take the picture of Jedidiah all messy. This is a very encouraging sign....making messes! The fact that he didn't ever want to touch his food, and when he did he would freak is a sign of his reflux. This was the first time he decided to dig in and explore. So I let him! It might of helped that he didn't care for the meal. Otherwise he eats his food right up.

We have put ourselves in isolation. Jedidiah had been losing some weight due to many colds back to back. It has been VERY frustrating. So we decided to not go anywhere for a month. No church, no library, no park, no grocery store.....As hard as that is we have been rewarded with the fruits of our sacrafices--He's gained weight!! In the past few days he's gained 6 oz. We are very pleased and will continue with what is working.

Isabella and Moira have their year end testing next week. This will be Moira's first year of testing. I thought Isabella would grumble when she found out that testing was next week, but she is excited about it. She says she likes reading the stories and seeing pictures of animals.

I've been making small changes in our diet. I personally would really like to go cold turkey and switch right over to eating mostly raw foods, but no one else is with me :-) So I felt that doing something would be better than doing nothing at all, and that eventually we would make our way to eating mostly raw. The girls really love the whole wheat pancakes

I make, but I hated that we were drowning them in 'toxic' syrup. So I started making some froit toppings to put on. At first they protested, but eventually they caved and ate it, and lo and behold they like it! Their snack time has been healthier as well. I would really like to do away with store bought yogurt. It's toxic as well. Anything with that much sugar is toxic. I want to start making my own yogurt. Then their bodies can actually benefit from the good bacteria.

Well Little Man is supposed to be napping.....notice the words 'supposed to'. So I will have to write more later.

A Devo wanna be. Actually this is what happens when you leave the baby in Daddy's care :-)

Both Flannery and Saoirse could tell you how to put a feeding tube in a baby amd explain how you use the tube. I'm praying they won't have to use that information in their future.

I suppose people would look at us strangely if the girls took their dolls out in public. Their dolls all have feeding tubes! I took some pictures but they didn't come out too well.

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