Saturday, May 05, 2007

Amazing feats,banana ice cream for breakfast and chicken pullups

Now there's an interesting title! Now for this amazing feat. My immediate family members will totally understand why this was such an amazing feat. Three of the girls needed allergy medicine. We got pills for Isabella and liquid for Flannery and Saoirse. Well I go to pick it up at the store. They only had Isabella's med and it was like 75$!! Whoa there! Thankfully it was because they didn't have our insurance info. So Jerry went back the next day to pick up the other girls liquid med and I told him it should be about 30$. Well it was like 150$. With insurance! Ok, so it's all the same med, just in a different form, and so our insurance won't pay for it. So I told the pharmacy to give me pills instead. They asked how they were going to take it, especially the 3 year old. I told them I would put it in applesauce. We get home and I put it in the apple sauce but Saoirse wouldn't take it. Flannery said, here give me mine. I told her how to put the pill in her mouth, follow it with a sip of water and swallow it all. Saoirse says, I want to do that too. Ok, i thought what is there to loose, but one of her pills. I give it to her and you would have thought she had done this before. Sip, swallow, she giggles, and runs off to play. Now I am still standing there almost with my jaw to the ground. If you have ever seen me take one pill, you would understand!!!!

Chicken pull ups are something new around here, sort of. It's not a recipe though. Saoirse came up to me the other morning and was mumbling something about chicken pullups. What? I aked her if she needed a new pull up as she is potty training and we have switched from diapers to pull ups. She says no, gets all frustrated and keeps talking about chicken pull ups. So i ask her if she wanted to eat some chicken, to which she just got more frustrated. Finally Moira chimes in that she wants one of her new pull ups (I bought a new package before we have used up the old one. The new ones have Tweety Bird on them). Moira said that Saoirse thinks that it's a chicken! Ha, ha! Ok, then chicken pull ups it is.

And for banana ice cream. We have really cut back on the amount of tv/movie time the girls have. They are obviously going through withdrawls as they asked to watch one of my videos called Rejuvenate with Serene. It's about eating raw and it has Serene showing you how to put some recipes together. One of the recipes is for ice cream. The girls kept bugging me to make it. They had asked to watch the video a few more times. They like to pretend they are doing a cooking show as well, when they are watching it. I told them that any raw food recipe that tries to mimic a cooked food recipe does not taste the same. That doesn't mean it tastes bad, but it's not the same. So I warned them that I would make the ice cream, but it wouldn't be the same. First I made a "chocolate sauce", which Saoirse really loved, the other girls didn't seem to like it much. Then for the ice cream. Frozen bananas, soem vanilla, a bit of milk (just a tiny bit), whirl it up in a food processor. They LOVED it. I made myself some (I can't have milk) with some bananas, water, vanilla and some almond butter (like peanut butter, but made with almonds). OH MY!! It was divine! Mind you I have only had some ice cream (made from soy) twice since Jedidiah was born, since I cant' have milk. This ice cream we made was awesome. This morning I didn't have time to eat what I've been eating for breakfast, as we were trying to get out the door to Isabella's soccer tournament, so I made some of the ice cream. Hey, it beats the normal breakfast fare!! It's actually great for you. :-)

Jerry took some really cute pics of Jedidiah the other day. I'll try to put them up later.

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