Thursday, April 26, 2007


Umm, ok, that would be, "a tooth" in mommy language :-) Little man finally has a tooth coming in! We are so excited, especially seeing how he is going to be 10 months old next week! My, where does the time go? We heard back from the early intervention people. They will come out next week to do an evaluation to see what Jedidiah may need help with. The poor little guy has been sick. The kiddos all got a cold. Saoirse had it for like 2 days, Moira had it for about 5 days, but Jedidiah has had it for 10 days now. He needs to get better.

The girls have their last soccer game this saturday. Then next Saturday Isabella has a tournament. They have all done very well this spring season. This Saturday is also Saoirse's birthday. Three years old! She is all excited. I took her to Walmart to pick out a cake. She picked a Barbie princess cake. I'm just glad they didn't have a camo one ;-0 (ha, ha). She's been asking to open her present for the past few days. Too funny.

Ok, I have to get the kids to bed. 'Nite

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