Saturday, April 07, 2007

A quick update

I finally am able to get on here. But not for long! The kids are getting dressed to go outside to play, and we are losing daylight to do that.....I will try to write more later on tonight, but I have baths to give and meals to we'll see. Everyone is doing well. Jedidiah is gaining. He's been a bit fussy lately. I think it may be the new tube I put in him. I really can't put my finger on it, but am probably going to put a new tube in anyways to ease my mind. The tube has been in for about 5 days and after 5 days of fussing I'm thinking it has to do with the tube as his fussing started then. We have switched him from a 3 hour routine to a 4 hour routine. That has been really good for his naps, but he is having to adjust to the food intake difference. He is taking in more at one feeding. He is also taking in solid foods on a regular basis.

Some great news is that we qualify to receive therapy for him without us having to pay for it! There is a program that is for children birth to three years old. The idea is to catch problems in these early years and intervene if there are problems so that when they get to school age those problems have been dealt with already and the kids are not trying to learn skills that they need for school during the school year, putting them behind.


Ok, I wrote that yesterday and I never posted it. We had a wonderful Easter. Nanna and Grandpa came to celebrate the day. The kids had an egg hunt and then put on a reading show. They love to put on a play or read something they have written. It was a bit chilly out, but it warmed up enough for the egg hunt.

I am reading a book called LEAN Kids. We need a bit of help in this area. I know what to do for an adult who needs help with their weight, but not with kids. I know that children are not supposed to lose weight, but grow into their bodies. I have gotten some good ideas and the needed encouragement to implement some changes. It will be a few days before I gather those thoughts into a workable plan though. We have a few errands to run today and school to accomplish.

I have been feeling a bit of a failure recently. It is normal for me to feel like a failure as a mother as it seems I can't act and do the very things I want to act like and do. I have been praying about that lately and the Lord has been good to help me see the baby steps I need to take to change that. And then it just kind of snowballed from there into feeling like I have failed in all that i have done. To be more acurate I haven't failed in what i "have"done (except in the mothering/wife department) but what I have "not" been doing. You see before we had kids I had "ideas" of how I wanted things to be. Some of my thoughts were: All natural foods, no sugar, open ended natural toys, gardening, lots of outside time, and other things......But the idea here is that I haven't stuck to my convictions. These are my non spiritual convictions, which are indeed secondary to the spiritual ones, but important non the less. I think seeing how big Isabella is now has had an impact on the feeling that time is slipping away. I know that I already have regrets. I would like to minimalize those if I can, because if not they are only going to grow bigger.

Ok, I best be going. We need to get some milk and other groceries and then take Jedidiah to his dysphasia appointment.

Have a great day! I'll try to get some pictures of the kids somtime soon.

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