Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Southern Peaches Farm

Life on the farm.....well our "farm" is a bit on the unusual side. Here we have cowhand Flannery riding on Australian Stock Horse Isabella:

Then there's cute farmer Jed:

We even have our farm patroled, ya gotta watch out for them thar squirrles:

And then some of farm hands learning the ropes:

I need to get a picture of Isabella doing her new found "hobby"....archery. No I am not joking. she took the bag that the folding lawn chair came in (it is tube shaped), found some sticks that have "y" notches on one end and put them in the bag. Tha bag goes over her shoulder. Than she found a large stick, tied a bunch of rubber bands together and attatched them to the ends of the large stick for her bow. It really shoots! She has been setting up all sorts of targets. She also has planned a camp for kids and families to come and make their own bows and arrows. At the end of the camp they will go hunting with their bows and arrows. She's got it all planned out on paper. So much for princess stuff!!! I have consoled myself with saying she's a Princess Warrior. I've got to do what I've got to do to have hope :-) Gotta go feed Farmer Jed. By the way he looks great with no tube in him in the above pic. However it was just short lived. We were waiting for Jerry to come and help us put the tube back in. We;ve had problems with them not staying in place. on the pic of Jedidiah and check out his hair color!!!! I think we have another red head!!

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