Saturday, April 15, 2006

Our land!!

We went out to our land! We had the closing on thursday and it is by the grace of God that we actually closed! There were sooooo many things that were going wrong right up until the last hour till we were to be at the lawyers. But then the actuall signing went very smoothly and quickly. So today we went out to take some pics. Plus we picked up a "few" ticks along the way. Yuck. I knew that would probably be the case so we had stopped by the store to pick up some bug wipes. I am sooooo very glad we did or we would have been covered in them. They were all hanging out on our ankles and didn't go any further due to the bug wipes. I had so many I just decided to throw out my socks as I was getting fed up with trying to kill them all.

We did meet our backyard neighbor........and lets just say......hmmmm......well he was a character. He was freaked out that we were on his land. We were at the creek on the bridge and on the one side is our land and on the other side is his land. We had our dog with us and Jerry (who was talking with him up the way) called out to make sure our dog didn't come his way. Ends up the guy has a pit bull and he didn't seem friendly from what the guy said. My first reaction was, well if he doesn't keep him contained and I see him, well there will be one less dog in the world. We ourselves have had a pit bull and she was the sweetest thing, but I won't mess with one that the owner doesn't feel safe around other people! The creek on our side has a lot of fallen trees over it and so we will spend a bunch of time trying to cut them up so the girls can be sure to be on our side of the land. The neighbor doesn't mind if we are just playing around right there by the bridge, he just doesn't want us to come up towards his house (which you can hardly see from the bridge). But we will be good neighbors and try to keep on our side of the line. Ok, with out further waiting I will upload the pictures. They alway load differently each time so I will try to caption them after I add them, but there's not telling how it will come out.

Ok, I just loaded the pics and everything came out totally different! I will have to work on figuring out how to manipulate the text and pics to look decent and orderly. So here is description of the pics:
top right: Isabella at the creek.
2nd row on left: Us going down to the bridge, Jerry is taking the picture up by the one corner of the property and our property runs right down the path, past the creek and on about another 100 feet.
2nd row on right: The two orange stakes are the left side of the house.
next going down: Standing in front of our property lokking up to the main road. The dirt road is the easment that allows us and our neighbor to get to our houses.
next: Us at the creek with the crooked bridge.
third: We are walking from the easment towards the house area (the house will be towards the left).
last: The orange flag on the left is one edge of teh property, looking down along the property front. Where the road curves out land keeps going into the woods. The curve goes down to our neighbors house and pond.

So there you have it. We are excited it is getting on its way. The guy who will be clearing our land will be there next week. We are only clearing the area right around the house and driveway. So we will have a very small open yard. We plan on clearing a bit more each year until we have what we want cleared (for a garden and swing set).

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Angie said...

Hi Kerri,
Totally cool.
We need to get some land and move too. I feel trapped in this house but I guess I should feel grateful and thankful that we have a roof over our heads. I need a lesson in thankfulness
ANGIE W. call sometimes.

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