Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Pregger pics

Ok, I thought I would put up some pictures of the pregnant lady who resides here. They are not the best as I was trying to instruct Isabella on what she was supposed to be doing, like keeping her fingers off the lens. Not to mention the batteries were going on us and we had to fiddle with the camera to cooperate for just one more pic. Anyways you can see how "big" I am. That's in quotes only because by now I am usually getting all sorts of comments on when I am due etc. But no stranger has noticed that I am pregnant yet. I am carrying this baby VERY different than my other 4, hence it must be a boy. Well that's my guess anyways. I am so convinced it's a boy that I have started buying one pack of boys clothing when I go grocery shopping at super walmart! And if it's a girl.....well she can either wear some new blue clothes or we exchange them or give them away for baby shower gifts for people who actually are having a boy. I have gaine like 20 pounds already!!!!! That puts me on target for a 45 pound weight gain like I have with the last two. I have to say I am no looking forward to that, it only means more for me to take off after the baby. But that being said I can't help eating when I am sssooo hungery! So I eat and it shows! Ha ha. Oh well, tis only a short season.

I wanted to take some pics of the puppies as well, they are getting bigger and cuter by the day. The girls have named them all! All 11 of them! They are starting to play now. So when I go into the pen area they all come up trying to bite your ankles and pant legs. Plus they try to get out as soon as you open the door! The little sneaks. Since the camera ran out of batteries I'll have to take the pics later.

I also need to go and take some pics of the land we are getting for the house. Jerry found a small wooden bridge that crosses the small creek that runs through a corner of the property. I can tell that is where the girls will be wanting to spend all their outside play time.

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