Friday, April 28, 2006

Our baby turns 2 today!!

UGGH!! I lost my post!! I had it all ready to put up and I hit the wrong button. Boo hoo.

Our baby truns 2 today!! Where does the time go? We gave her one of her two gifts this morning. IT's an ABC puzzle. She loves puzzles. This one says the letter and the picture when you put the piece in place. It freaked her out at first, but she loves it now. We will be celebrating with a "My Little Pony" cake tomorrow. She picked it out herself when we were at Walmart. We have to wait until tomorrow since Jerry won't be here this evening. He's driving to pick up our "new" van!! New to us that is. We will finally have working A/C and heat!! Woo hoo!! Plus we will have PLENTY of room to grow into as well seeing as how it's a 15 passenger van. I'll be driving a bus!

Saoirse is growing up into a big girl. She finally talks now. She is my big helper. she loves to do dishes and laundry with me. She is actually very good at folding all the dish towels and wash clothes, no joke!! She loves to look at books and color. She loves to play with her sisters, and will play pretend with them. Right now as I write she is pretending to be a dog. Not like we don't have enough of those around here as it is. Actually we only have two puppies left, ours and one to sell still. We kept a black female that we have named Shiloh. She is a fearless thing!! Cute as a button and will keep us on our toes for some months to come I am sure.

Well we are off to empty the contents of our van so that Jerry can take it up to get the new van. He is making a trade in. We'll miss our light blue van. I'll post picks of our new bus, er, I mean van and some pics of Saoirse blowing out her candle tomorrow.

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