Monday, February 13, 2006

Happy Valentines Day

We were supposed to have a tea party this week. But things have been a wee bit crazy. A lot of driving around looking for land. Oh, wait, I'm not sure if I've told everyone all that has happened in the past few weeks. Lets see the short of it is:
Back in Jan. Jerry lost his job, then four days later our landlord calls to tell us they are going to sell the house. Then Jerry got a job, and we have been trying to find some land to put a modular house on. Normally it is cheaper to buy an older home. Unfortunately this isn't the case this time. Well....I should clarify we are trying to find a decent size house on about 3 acres of land. Sounds pretty easy, except that this whole areas real estate is totally different than a few years ago. We couldn't find anything around here and at first our only option was going to take us MUCH longer to get to church and a MUCH longer drive to work for Jerry. No fun. So today Jerry calls and says some land just came on the market and would I want to check it out. I thought it would be another let down and really didn't want to go. But along the way I came to peace about the land that was far away (that we needed to just decline) and as I turned onto the "street" I was totally shocked. It;s bueatiful. We are getting all the details on it and we plan on going ahead with it. the awsome thing is that it is the same distance to everything we know! Yeah! Obviously we are not counting our chicks before they hatch. But this is a most promising opportunity. Plus on top of all this it looks like a new job opportunity has come up, a permenant one!!! We are very thankful.

Wow, I'm tired from just typing it all out. Ha! So change is in the air. I am praying the whole house thing works out perfectly before the baby is born. I am 19 weeks now! I have been feeling the baby move for the last week and a half. I love it!

Well I need to catch some Zzzz's. There is a lot of work to be done around here.

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