Saturday, January 21, 2006

It's been a while!

Hey all! Things have been busy around here. I am hoping to get some cute pics up of the girls. I have to see if they are downloaded to the computer. Lets see.......well for starters we found out two weeks ago that Jerry was losing his job. They were giving him to the end of Feb. Then four days later our landlord called to tell us that they have decided to sell the house. Our lease is up on March 1st, but thankfully they will let us extend another month or two if we need to. We will be finding out by wed. if we will qualify for a loan for a house. We have a house picked out (a modular), we just have to find some land. We have a lead on some land and will see how that pans out. If we don't get the loan then we will be renting. Which only means we will move in another year or so as we are hoping to get into a house and stay put for a while. The girls were non too pleased about us having to move. We all really like it here.

The girls are doing well. We just got finished with making a bunch of Valentines. We still have more to make. But we are on target to getting them done on time. Although you never know what may come up. School is going well. It's so funny to see how different both girls are at different subjects. Saoirse is FINALLY saying some words. But not really in a communication kind of way. The girls will tell her to say something and she will, but she doesn't use those words to ask or talk about something. I am sure it will come in time.

I am feeling much more "normal". No more sickness. A wee bit of fatigue still around, especially if I stay up late two nights in a row. But I am back into the swing of things. I am almost 16 weeks along. We have heard the heart beat and have a midwife. She is new to us. But a lot closer than our last midwife. I already have a pooch. Since I usually wear dresses I haven't grown out of anything, but I certainly have noticed that my belly is getting bigger.
The girls wanted to camp out a couple of weeks ago. They set up their little pop up tent in the front yard. I told them that I would let them eat dinner out there and we would make some s'mores (over the gas stove). So they ate hotdogs and fries out there and then came in to make the s'mores. Then went out there to eat them. I told them it was time to come in and they were really disappointed as they thought they were going to sleep out there! Ha, ha! I told them there was no way I would let them do that. Two little girls ages 8 and 6 outside, in the front yard all night long. Not that I thought they would last but 15 minutes at most if I were to let them.
I took some pics of their tent time though. Too cute.

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