Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A "new" book on the block

This is NOT new, I've just finally got around to reading it (or starting to read it)!  It really helps that the original book was revised, and it was in my library!  Yay!  Because to be honest, from all the reading I had been doing I was having a REAL hard time buying into the whole idea of seperating your 'fuels'.  Well, carrying around an extra 40 pounds will do something to a person :-)  And I decided it can't hurt to read and try it out.  Not to mention that one of my daughters needs help in this area as well and was having a very hard time trying to reconcile eating a very restrictive diet.  So we took the plunge.  I bought the Plan book, and found the Recipe book in the library (they have both books in the library, but I figured I would buy one at a time, to spread out the cost).  Well, after having tabbed *some* recipes that I wanted to became very apparent that I really need to buy the book!  Ha, ha!

 The Plan book I'm still reading and my lunch.  I had to take this picture, and not for a reason you may think!  Look!  Look!  There is SUNLIGHT in this picture. We have been without the sun's rays for weeks!!!!  No matter where I went, this has been the subject of many people.  No joke.

The Recipe book.  I stopped putting in tabs when I realized I was going overboard with a book that I will only be able to keep for the next one and a half weeks!  Oy.  Both Moira and I have already seen changes.  It's only been three days.  No doubt about it, there is a learning curve.  Though, since I have been reading about it online for only the last year and a half, I've got some of this down (in my head at least).  The nice thing is that Moira is *actually* eXcItEd to be starting this way of eating since it is doable, and has some really yummy sounding recipes!  We shall see how it goes.  We signed up to do a 6 week challenge (to help keep on track through the holidays).  I'll let you know how it goes!

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