Thursday, July 30, 2015

Outside time

Just some cute pictures of our outside time the other day.  Not a lot of time to write words.  So pictures will have to do.

 Merida loves Isabella's new pony, Olaf.  I'm not sure if he is fond of her though!

 Our new chickens, 4 of the 40.

 Country water park :-)

 The boys did this themselves.

 Merida LOVES the swing.  Swing, swing.  She is now fond of doing the "One for the money, two for the show...."

 One of our cat's new kittens.  This one was not happy to be picked up.

 So cute.

 Aubrey's turn.

 Merida's first braids.  This is the first girl, at this young of an age, that will let me do her hair.  It only took 5!  So if you are only on girl number 1 or 2, don't give up :-)

 More kitten and boy cuteness.

 "No, Merida, *smell* the flower, don't eat it!"

 Merida loves helping to feed and water the animals.

Woah! From this angle she looks like she is 3 years old!  Not so fast there little one.

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