Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Let the Birthday Season begin!!!

To start us off on our Birthday Season we have Jedidiah up first.  He turns eight years old today!  Amazing!  8.....8....EiGhT!  Crazy, I tell ya, crazy.  We will be celebrating tonight with his birthday dinner of homemade mac and cheese, cranberry sauce, and potatoes.  Then the cakes.  Yes, plural.  He has two smaller Ninjago cakes, a lady bug cake, and Moira will be whipping up a bee cake any minute.  I think we may be all birthday'd out before we even get started!  I will have to share pics of the festivites...after they actually happen.  But, I was able to get a picture of Jed with his birthday sign.  I am so upset that I neglected to get photos of our other two birthday kiddos this year with their signs :-(.  They got a sign, just not a picture to go with it.  Ugh.

The kids are loving Runner's Camp. Except Flannery.  Not that she doesn't like it, but she wasn't actually able to go today :-(  The child managed to come down with a major double ear infection.  One side was so bad that the ear canal was closed off and the doctor couldn't even see her ear drum....and that was the side that was just 'starting' to hurt!  The other side was so painful she just kept crying.  Poor girl.  They said that the meds would take 48 hours to start working....and we are still waiting.  We are at the 36 hour mark and Flannery said her one ear, that was massively swollen, is having brief moments of opening up.  I am taking that as a good sign.  She is still in a lot of pain.  For her sake I hope she will be better enough to go tomorrow.  The camp only goes up to 12 years old, so this is her last year participating in it.  Though she will be able to be a volunteer come next year.

As expected Jonah was having a wee bit of trouble staying where he was supposed to!  But, he loves it, and didn't have any issues that he was separated from his family!  Jed is doing amazingly well, as far as trying hard.  He actually ran a MILE!!!  Whoa!!  They sign up for the events they want to do, and both Jed and Jonah want to do the mile run!  How crazy is that?  Ha, ha!

Saoirse is having a great time.  She tried to die the ends of her hair green to match her Runner's Camp shirt, but it didn't work!  Moira tried to dye the ends of her hair blue, but it ended up coming out green.  I suppose we should have went with what she was using.  By the way, the dye is only temporary....kool-aid.  Try, try again :-)

Isabella was supposed to working at horse camp this week, but it got cancelled, so she just jumped in to volunteer at Runner's Camp.  They needed the help, so it worked out.  And get this....she's been driving them all there and back!  Talk about crazy :-)

Ok, on to a couple of pictures:

 I felt so bad.  We didn't get his sign done last night.  The first thing he did when he woke up this morning was to go looking for his sign :-(  I promised him that is would be all ready when he got home.  Thankfully Merida took a really long morning nap and I was able to pull this off (Flannery helped by taping on the Ninjago characters, and she thought of putting on some Paw Patrol characters as well.).  Jed loved his sign.  He saw it the moment he walked in and was all smiles!

 All of the campers...and volunteers.  I had Flannery throw her camp shirt on for the photo.  You can see Moira's green hair, that was supposed to be blue.

And who can resist a picture of Merida?  Moira has become interested in photography.  She was playing around with my camera on manual setting.  I was able to print off a 'cheat sheet' that explains the settings in a clear way.  She's having a lot of fun with it.  I do say though, that I am afraid I may never see my camera again.  Between Isabella and all of her horse videos and photos and now Moira.....I might not get any hands on time with it!!!  The price of learning children :-)

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