Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Jed's Endo appointment

It appears we are really making headway with Jed's growth!  He is finally "on" the growth chart....sort of.  I couldn't remember all the numbers when I talked with my sister the other day, so I went to look for the papers his doctor sent home with me.  I plotted the points on the graph so you, and I, can see where he is :-)  I also have the written info, which you can see that he is actually in a positive percentile!  Wowzers!

The appointment went without any issues.  No questions on my end.  So without further ado, here is where Jed stands (pun intended):

Jed's weight readings from past three appointments:
7/8/14   20.3kg (44 lb 12.1 oz) (4%*, Z= -1.78)

2/11/14  18.5kg (40 lb 12.6 oz) (1%, Z= -2.28)

9/27/13  16.3 kg (35 lb 15 oz) (0%, Z= -3.19)

Jed's height readings from past three appointments:
7/8/14   116.1cm (3' 9.71") (2%, Z= -2.11)

2/11/14  112.2cm (3' 8.17") (1%, Z= - 2.43)

9/27/13  107.2cm (3' 6.2") (0%, Z= - 2.99)

I had thought he made more headway with his height, but we have seen more success with his weight!  Which is amazing if only because he looked so, so, so very skinny just a couple of months ago.  He put on some weight, but I noticed recently he is tending to look more skinny again (growth spurt in action?).  For anyone who isn't familiar with these numbers above, the "%" is the percentile on the chart, so in a years time he went from being 0% in each reading to being 'on the chart'.  However, he hasn't actually reached a 'line' yet as evidenced by the "Z=.....".  The Z reading stands for how many lines (on the grid) he is below the growth curve lines.  I thought he actually hit one of the growth curve lines, but I was mistaken, but he is really, really close to hitting the first one.  The first growth line is for the 5%, so at least he is in a positive %ile!  I am happy with that :-)  Below you can see the growth chart that I plotted with those numbers above.

They also track his BMI.  I find it hard to believe how his numbers have changed.   Here were those past three readings:
7/8/14   31%ile (Z= -0.49)
2/11/14  4%ille (Z= -1.78)
9/27/13  2%ile (Z= -2.11)

It is hard to believe he is considered in the normal range for BMI.  Sometimes I am afraid if he should fall he is going to break a bone because he is so thin!  Hard to imagine that is considered normal!

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