Friday, June 06, 2014

Some randomness

Still haven't gotten around to finishing the homeschool post.  Some day, really!  Maybe after the Charlotte Mason conference this coming week!  I'll be all inspired :-)

In the meantime, I thought I would post some random things.  Mostly because that is how my life feels right this moment.  I suppose 'random' isn't the correct word (though it will certainly apply to the pictures :-)).  Lots and lots of stuff going on. Since I have a very full day ahead of me, I will be quick about it all (Ok, for all you who really know me, you can stop laughing now....about being quick).

::  Shopping day today!  But lots of other things going on....not sure how it will all get done.
::  Big girls leaving for two days for a birthday party, where they get to go to a water park.  Hey, no fair!  Teasing!  Do you know how many times I have to tell my kids that life is NOT fair?  A ball park figure would be 1,237,799,335.4 (yes, a decimal, because there are those times when I can't get all the words out).  Oh, and that figure is per day.
::  Have lots of food preps to do to get the family and myself all set for the conference I am going to.
::  Aubrey came down with a fever, and gunk two days ago.  Praying the baby doesn't get it.  And, more selfishly, praying she doesn't get it so I can still go to the conference.  Hey, I am being honest.  The last time I went to a homeschool conference was 14 years ago.  Since she is coming with me I won't be able to travel with her if she is sick.  She doesn't like car rides when she's healthy, there is no way I'm taking her if she's sick!  If she can't go, I can't go.  That would be a bummer.
::  Trying to make it to July 1st without the AC.  This week will test our resolve.  It's been hot a few times in the past two months, but now the humidity got turned on.
::  A bunch of "must do's" on my radar....things like get to the chiropractor, get back on the staight and narrow with healthy eating (as in going grain free all the way), helping the kids stick to consuming fermented foods....basically quite a few of us are suffering in varying ways with health.  Not fun. Discouraging.  Too many times I've come to just say, "Forget this all!  I'm out of here!"  Nothing like cooking healthy foods and still being sick all the time.
::  Isabella got her driver's license!  Everyone off the roads :-)  She was SO nervous for her test, but it was quick, and she passed the first time.  Phew!
::  The girls have been having fun writing letters to new pen pals.  My sister had about 500 pen pals growing up.  Ok, she only had maybe 150?  Correct me if I'm wrong, dear sister :-)  I was telling my kids about their aunt and all her pen pals one day, and they declared that they must have pen pals too.  We found a site that looked ok, and went for it.  Recently we got word of a facebook group for finding homeschooled pen pals.  It's a new group, so it's small right now, but I think it will grow in time.
::  Flannery and Saoirse spend lots of times working on making model horse stuff.  Things like tack and elaborate barn set ups (made out of popsicle sticks).  They also make lost of videos with them too.
::  I think I will be declaring that this summer will be a "Real Summer".  I've at least been threatening it :-)  By 'real', I mean sans technology.  I know things have gotten out of hand when my usually bug searching guy doesn't want to go outside.  Oy.  So out goes the computer, in comes the old fashioned summer!  Playing.  Outside.  All.  Day.  What a concept :-)

Ok, see, I made my list like a mile long.  But before I leave you, I will also leave you with some random photos:

 Yes, this is totally blurry, but I couldn't resist Merida's face!  Such a cutie.  I don't have many pictures of myself with my children, and I want to remedy that!  I have a tripod, now I just need to get a remote so I can take some pictures with me in them.

 That my friends is a baby dreadlock.  Oh, I'll wait till you pick yourselves off the floor.  In case you are new here and you thought you were reading a blog of a conservative Christian homeschool mom of many....well you are!  Truth be told I have a funky side that walks to the beat of a different drummer.  Life around here has been a wee bit on the serious side, and a wee bit out of control.  So I did what I do best in those situations.... I create.  I didn't have any yarn to crochet with, no sewing machine to sew with, and so I did something with my hair.  And, yes, I think dreadlocks are cool.  So there.  It's out, I feel so much better now :-)  Three of my daughters thought it was cool, and said they wouldn't disown me.  One daughter saw this picture and was aghast and said she wouldn't be seen with me :-)

 Look at that smile!  I could just eat her up!  This little babe can now roll over front to back, and back to front.  A record in our house for this young!

 I did manage to wrangle bug boy outside.  Though he's been making excuses about needing to go inside.  Silly boy.  Time to unplug.

Multicolored rocks.  Aubrey making a collection on the bridge.

 Chickens are silly creatures.  Eggs.  In the woods.  Oh,  yeah, that will work!  Funny thing was that while one of the chickens was sitting here laying her egg, there was another one, a few feet away, squawking at her to hurry up and get up so she could use the same spot.  How many spots do we have like this around here?

A typical mess, on our non-typical floors.  A sneak peak of 'after' from our rug-pulling-up day!  LOVE the clean-ability of this floor.  The boys even played with playdough on here, and it's all good!  Vacuum, wipe if needed and go!  All clean :-)  That's my kind of floor.

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