Friday, February 28, 2014

I stand guilty...

 Yup, after eight children I have one that has a paci.  I'm not sure if I should be happy or not :-)  It came about like this...As evidenced by everything in my pregnancy and post partum, this baby is just different in so many ways.  One way that isn't different is that I have close to an over abundance of milk  This is our first baby who, though she loves to fall asleep nursing, she does not like to stay attached (as all my others did).  Not to mention, after she has drifted off and my milk does a take two on the let down, she gets very upset that she feels like she is drowning.  This sets off a cascade of issues, whether it be hiccups, spitting up, or crying due to be overly tired from repeated wakening.  But at the same time she wants to 'nurse' herself to sleep.  So the other day I bought a paci.  And you know what?  Last night was the first night Merida did not become overly tired!  She slept soundly and peacefully, without a ton of spit up.  She still falls asleep in my arms when she has the paci.  I couldn't give that up :-)  But now she doesn't have to feel like she's drowning.  And as bad as I feel that I gave her a 'plug', she is happy, and who can argue that she looks so cute?  Granted she's cute without a plug :-)  So I guess this disqualifies me from the attachment parenting club :-)

 Big and little sissy.  Moira holding Merida, she was holding her above as well.

 Jonah wanted to make up a photo shoot, and asked me to hang up some different blankets for different backgrounds.  Smart kid.  Here is Aubrey, excuse his messy face, they had used markers to paint their faces to play Indians.

 A sleeping babe.

 More sleeping babe.  This outfit was given to Flannery as a newborn.  It is one of my favorites.  Don't get me wrong I love pink, and it is fun to see on little girls, but the orange was a nice change of pace from all the pink things my newborn girls have.

Jonah looks much older in this picture.  I do believe that should be outlawed, or a sin...don't you?  Ha, ha.  He normally doesn't smile this way, but that's ok, at least he wasn't acting goofy.

Moira doing a selfie.  I hear they are all the rage :-)  My goodness, wasn't she just Merida's size yesterday?  The nerve of these children of mine, thinking they can go and grow up behind my back!  Tsk, tsk.

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Kelly Timberlake said...

This attachment parenting mama embraced the paci as well. Ella was born starving, and I thought once my milk was good and in she'd chill out, but she was just a "sucky" baby who needed to stuck constantly, and I couldn't do it with another under two year old running around. I gave in to the paci, used it only when I had to, and weaned her at 5 months from it. Totally would do the same again :)

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