Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Mysterious Workings of God

I have an exciting story to share....but later this week :-)  Still waiting for my thank you to get out.  Not sure if we are the only ones who never seem to have envelopes on hand when you need one!!!  Ha!

But this story will tie into the one I am about to tell now.  You see, God moved in a very real, visible way, actually in many ways, last week.  We were at a stand still on a few issues.  It was a time when there was nothing we could possibly do to make the situation work.  I have to say it is always a good thing to come to the end of yourself, though not the most pleasant of feelings!

Yesterday we finally received Jed's medication order.  It was nothing short of an extra large fiasco of phone calls to get it here on time (he only had one dose left!!).  I did have one more phone call to make after it's arrival because apparently someone in the pharmacy didn't actually read his prescription!  They sent the wrong syringes.  Ugh.  Oh well, I still have some of those on hand so nothing to worry about, just phone call number 34 to make :-)

But it appears that God's working last week was more than provisional.  It was to build our faith.  Not hours after receiving Jed's meds, all of us still elated by everything working out financially, then we get the mail.  In the mail came a letter from our insurance company telling us that come Jan.1st, they will no longer be covering Jed's medicine!!!!  WHA?!?!  They gave us three other options to talk to his doctor about, which Jeremiah will be doing once their office opens this morning.  But that leaves us back to square one.

I can't say it is particularily pleasing to be back at square one.  After getting everything worked out with this present medication, we need to start over.  But I am praying, as I ask any of you willing to do as well, that the Lord will go before us to make a way.  You see, on our nifty little insurance card there are 3 tiers of coverage on meds.  At least that is all they put on the cards.  There is the 5$, 15$ and 30$ levels.  But our co-pay for Jed's medication is $150 per month.  That is huge, big and ugly.  Which is why we were so excited about the savings card from the makers of his meds, as it took care of that co-pay!  Goodness only knows how much his meds actually retail for!!  Yikes.

I am praying that these other medications will have the same type of options for us.  I know that this road block will be lifted as well...I'm just not sure how yet.  This morning I spent praising God for all He has done, and continues to do in our lives.  Even if we have to take on this co-pay there is so much to be thankful for.  I know there are many out there who have way more medical expenses than we do.  I'm thankful that Jed's condition is not life threatening.  Though dealing with crashing blood sugars daily would mean a lot more work.  I had recently learned that though high blood sugars are much more dangerous and have worse side effects, low blood sugar has many risks involved as well.  I never knew that before.

Well, goodness, it took me all morning to type what I did above :-)  Since then Jeremiah was able to get a hold of a doctor to figure out which drug we need to go with.  Thankfully one of them has an assistance card as well, though not for the same amount.  Worse case scenario would be that we have a copay of 25 to 30$, which is much more doable!  Jeremiah is now calling our insurance to see how much they cover for this new medication.

I'll write more when we have all our "i's" dotted and "t's" crossed :-)

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