Saturday, July 06, 2013

Finding a new approach...

This post is more so that I don't forget what I need to do.  Because my brain is that rattled.  Ever thankful that my sister is able to have that 'being on the outside, looking in' point of view.  Because I have been besides myself the past few days.  Well, overall, the past few weeks.  I am ever thankful that the magnesium has made such a difference in my symptoms.  But it doesn't address the yeast issues. 

And for yeast, I am talking systemic yeast.  I had one piece of Jed's cake (that had sugar in it), and did have some dessert and a hamburger bun on the 4th (hey, life is short people!).  And this morning?  Full blown sinus infection.  A banging sinus headache, puffy eyes, the whole number. Really?  Of course never mind that even though I've redone GAPS intro like 5 times, ever since that horrid stomach bug, I've been having gut issues that I can not overcome.  Being pregnant means I can't do Intro, and at this point, I don't see how it would make a difference.  But, besides these gut/yeast issues that have persisted, they have really gotten out of control due to the pregnancy hormones.  Hence, two sinus infections, one week apart.  Sigh.

So with a little talk with my sister I do believe I have a plan of action.  It appears from the lack of progress that I have had with my new probiotic, even when doubling up on dosage, that I have a 'dud' bottle.  Not due to the company, or a bad product, but due to the fact that with having it shipped to my house, during the summer (don't forget we live in the South), that all the good buggies were probably killed off.  My sister has used this same brand with very, very good results, ALL but for the one time she had it shipped during the summer.  So, come Monday, Jeremiah will head to Whole Foods to pick up a fresh bottle.

My next line of defense will be to help out my sinuses.  Now, granted, in the long run my sinus issues will be a thing of the past when my overall yeast issue is fixed, but for now they will need a little help.  I really can't afford to have back to back sinus infections for the next couple of months!  My sister suggested I try X-Clear.  I told her I tried that years ago, when she told me about it, but it made everything at least 10 times worse, and that is saying something!!! But with a little thinking, she determined that it was probably due to my sinuses being SOOOO BAD (and I had a current infection) that the slough off/kill off rate was too much to handle.  So the new plan is to continue doing a regular sinus rinse with peroxide for the next couple of days.  We are hoping this will lesson the bacteria count. Then hit my sinuses with at least 2 to 4 weeks of 3 times daily washes with the X-Clear.  This should help from future bacteria adhering to my sinuses, giving my body time to build up the good bacteria (from a new, WORKING bottle of probiotics) from the inside.

Of course I will need to be careful with my diet.  With a bunch of birthdays I will have to be careful what I choose to eat.  For example, Moira chose homemade mac and cheese, and a box mix cake.  Gluten, gluten and lots of sugar.  So I may have to make myself something else to eat.  Jonah hasn't determined his birthday dinner and cake yet, but for mine, I will be choosing a GAPS legal/or our modified GAPS meal, and a GAPS legal fruit tart for my 'cake'.  Within weeks we have Isabella's birthday, and then Jeremiah's afterwards.  Oh my.  It will only be a short two months before the winter holidays.  Oy!  That doesn't see like too long before this baby will be here when I think of it in these terms. 

And speaking of baby, getting on top of  my yeast issue, *should* help with the health of the baby.  All of my babies have suffered through tummy issues the first few months.  That makes for some very long days, and mostly very long nights!  Colic drops have not helped.  The homeopathic drops did not help.  Gripe Water didn't help.  Walking this way, wrapping that way...doesn't help.   I've read baby calming books, one of which insisted if you followed his techniques you would have a calm and easily soothed baby.  Um, yeah.  Not to say that different things didn't help temporarily, but nothing worked to keep my babies happy.  And out of the 7 so far all of the had tummy issues, with Flannery and Jonah being the WORST.  Since colic is defined with a 3 hour plus crying fit, that usually happens each evening, then my kids never had colic.  But, especially with Flannery and Jonah, I'm not sure what you call all day crying on and off.  All day crying, and most of the night crying as well.  Of course now, with what I know, poor Flannery was just suffering BIG TIME with yeast.  Which will present itself, like in her case, non-vomiting reflux.  That poor child did not sleep more than 20 minutes at a time, EVER, for the first two years of her life!  Which is why I had always prayed that if the Lord should want to ever bless us with such a blessing again, that He would just close my womb. Yeah, it was that bad.  This is coming from someone who always wanted ten children (Flannery only being number 3) , and in the recent dozen years believes whole heartily in letting God control your family size.  So that is a pretty strong prayer to say the least!!! 

So it is critical for me, for my own health and for the baby's health, to get on top of this yeast problem.  Thankfully I have some time to work with, but it will definitely be a battle of will (to not eat sugar). Wish me luck :-)

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