Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Always a guessing game

Pregnancy that is.  Well, for me anyways, at least some of it :-) For example, besides one pregnancy, I do not find out if we are expecting a girl or boy.  Although, for safety reasons, I do prefer to have an ultrasound, to make sure all is well with the baby (there are some surprises I do NOT wish to find out in the end).  Then, for a bit there is the..."Did I just feel the baby kick for the first time?"  Or, my not so favorite...."WHEN will this all day nausea go away!?!"  Lot's of guessing. 

But we get to have a wee bit more guessing than normal this time around, at least for the next few weeks.  Now, this new twist has happened to me before, when I was expecting Saoirse (our 4th daughter).  It would kind of seem fitting, if this was to be our 4th son, and we are just going through the same deal.  Time (or an ultrasound) will tell!  About a week and a half ago I started to experience round ligament pain.  Odd, I am WAY too early to be having that. Then a handful of days later it felt like my uterus was popping up over the pubic bone and getting 'squeezed' if I bent over.  That feeling lasted about 3 days and just as suddenly as it started, it stopped.  But the past few days when Aubrey lays across my tummy, it's felt very uncomfortable.

So this morning, I decided to check my suspicions.  I felt for my uterus, which, at one day short of being 11 weeks pregnant, should not even be able to be felt.  And lo and behold, I felt it...big time.  My uterus is 3 finger widths below my belly button!  That is BIG. 

Now, that being said, this happened with Saoirse, and an ultrasound revealed that I just had a big uterus.  Ha!  But there are a couple of other things that I am experiencing that I wasn't the last time.  BUT, all of those other things have other possible reasons for happening.  For example, the extreme need my body has for magnesium.  Lots of it.  When I was sick last week, I had all my pregnancy symptoms back, with a vengeance, worse than any other pregnancy (especially the fatigue, and the fact that my nausea was actually 24/7 a few days).  But, you know, those could be explained away.

The only other odd thing is that the past two days I have felt some things that made me think I felt the baby moving.  But I am WAY too early for that, at least if I only have one in there!  But, again, that could be explained by the fact that my uterus had a tremendous growth spurt this past week, and it could just be muscle twitches.  The uterus being a bag of muscle, I can imagine with it stretching so fast may have a few twitches to be had.

Time will tell.  Jeremiah would prefer to know, like right NOW.  Ha, ha.  But, even though I do want to have an ultrasound done, I like for it to be when they can check my placenta, the baby's heart/lungs/kidneys/etc.  Too early for those in depth checks.  So if I went now, just to see if there is more than one in there, well, that means at least two ultrasounds, and I like to keep those at the very bare minimum.

I just think it's fun to try to 'figure' out.  Hey, with all the yuckiness I've had, let something be fun!  Being older does put me at a higher chance for twins (by golly I will be 42 when this baby is born), but I also think with this being number 8....chances are likely that I just have a really BIG uterus!  Ha, ha! 

But for the record, my sister pegged this pregnancy (she just *knew* I was pregnant before I did), and last week, when I felt so horrid, she said, "Um, I'm thinking this is twins...that would explain your body's high need for magnesium."  So there you have it.  But, also for the record, she swore I was having a girl last time around...and well, we know how that turned out :-)  So anyone want to take a wager? 

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