Monday, April 01, 2013

A wonderful Easter

Before I get into the details, I ask you all to lift up a friend's sister.  While at our house, our friend received a phone call telling her that her sister had tried committing suicide.  I ask you to lift up this woman, that she would recover fully.  Please pray for peace for their whole family as they deal with this heartbreaking situation.

Yesterday I was very busy with making food, cleaning and putting together the treasure hunt.  We were blessed to have three families join us in our Easter celebration.  One family had just moved back to the area the night before!  It was neat as they are a family who eats Paleo.  So it wasn't weird having to explain why we eat the way we do! 

I had two mostly GAPS legal desserts planned.  One, an almond cookie, didn't come out as I imagined.  The review on it was that no one would know this was a GAPS cookie.  I would beg to differ!  Of course, it could be I didn't make it correctly. It's not one I want to jump in and try again right away.  The other was semi GAPS as it was a brownie made with sweet potatoes.  Sweet potatoes are kind of a fence rider when it comes to GAPS compatibility.  But, for the holiday, I thought we would indulge.  Now, I've made a black bean brownie recipe a couple of times in the past with bad outcomes each time.  Again, the reviews about these type of brownies was all thumbs up.  So I was a bit apprehensive to give these a go.  But boy where we VERY pleasantly surprised!!!  They were terrific!!  A definite "We have to make this again, soon!" kind of terrific. 

I got the recipe from HERE.  I  must go write a review for them :-) 

I didn't have enough time to make the two treasure hunts I had planned.  I had planned on making one for the older kids and one for the younger kiddos.  Time was running out so I just made one for everyone.  They all had fun.  We finished up just in time for some of our guests to leave.  I had them going all over the place, hoping to wear them out ;-)  Not sure if it worked, as my kids were up pretty late.  Hmmm. 

Today, I am hoping to get on the ball to get us back on track with all that needs doing.  That task seems very daunting right now. 

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