Wednesday, April 03, 2013

A decent outdoor day

Can someone tell me where spring is?  I'm afraid we will skip right over spring and jump right into summer.  I don't like when that happens.  It is more difficult to adjust to the high temps.  For now, there are no high temps...brrrr (for spring mind you).

Two little boys hanging out.  I was thinking how long it took for us to get Jonah to wear long sleeves and long pants as we headed into fall/winter.  We've only had one day that short sleeves were wearable, and Jonah freaked out.  So I suppose it will be the opposite, he'll be wearing long sleeves and pants when it is 95* out, until he gets used to the idea of short sleeves/pants.  Silly boy. 

Please excuse Aubrey's bloody head, he had just banged his head, opening his wound up.  So much for getting him stitches!

Although Jonah won't wear summer clothing he will wear his new sandals, provided he is also wearing socks.  Baby steps, baby steps.  Aubrey on the other hand is obsessed with these winter boots.  He's not too keen on his new sandals, which match Jonah's.

Checking on the baby trees.  Jonah has the nurturing spirit in him.  He is very intrigued by the trees and wants to take care of them.

Getting a closer look.  We Jeremiah was able to finish off the fencing in the front yard.  This should keep the goats out, and stop them from eating the garden.  But I worry a bit for these baby trees as some are literally only a large stick size, making them vulnerable to little boys :-)

 Here Jeremiah is 'fixing' a snapped branch.

We took advantage of the nice weather to get some painting in.  I had painted some arrows on some rocks for their treasure hunt and all the kiddos wanted in on the painting action.

Aubrey painted the longest.  Jed and Jonah painted for a bit, but went off running after each other.  Aubrey painted the afternoon away.

So cute.

It was neat to see how focused he was, and how he really was trying to carefully paint the top of the rock.  He wasn't just slopping on paint.  Though he had difficulty in keeping the colors from mixing.

Thoughtful artist.

.At At some point Saoirse joined us and she brought along a few more things to the 'table'.

Thankfully the messes stayed outside!  I must remember this for future painting time.

Saoirse at work on something.  I wasn't sure what she was doing at first.  But she came up with a cute idea:


See all that mucky mess!  How wonderful that it is *outside*.  Yes, I am repeating myself, but that is only because the following day the boys found the paints and decided to have a painting day inside....along with the mess that follows.  Oy.


Here is a wee sign of spring. Maybe, as these are on one of our apple trees, and these started coming out when they were inside...our warm house.

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