Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Goats and GAPS

Besides the fact that those two things start with the same letter, they have nothing else in common :-)  First the goat.  Come to find out he had tetanus.  And he is still alive.  Though I do think he would be in better shape, or end up in better shape had we figured it out sooner.  Even the vet didn't think he had tetanus, nor my friend who I call on all thing goats.  The poor thing was on his way out, by the time we got the anti-toxin he had labored breathing, lost all control of his limbs and his neck was stiff.  Within an hour of the injection he was trying to stand up, though unable to.  Two more hours after that I came out to the barn to find him standing!  Today, two days later he is out in the yard, eating hay :-)  Unfortunately he is presently blind.  I think he lost his vision hours before we got him the anti-toxin, though, the high level of vitamin B we gave him (as per the vet), causes temporary blindness.  So it is a wait and see kind of thing.  We are just so grateful that he is recovering, and having noticeable gains every few hours.  He is acting like himself more and more. For example he sneezes on you if he doesn't like what you are doing.  He started doing that again.  We have to feed him his water with a large bottle as he can not handle putting his neck down to drink.  I think that has to do with overall muscle weakness, after the muscles were locked up for hours.  The first few days we had to give him multiple injections of medications.  Now we are just down to giving him aspirin twice a day.  On top of that he is drinking more with each bottle, so we don't have to go out there every hour.  This makes doing our next "g" more doable.

GAPS.  It was time.  I've been dragging my feet for many, many reasons.  But after round two of big time illness this winter, I thought it was now or never. I finally got all those chickens deboned, and put the bones into my pressure canner.  I don't cook them with pressure, I just need the pot for its very large size!  And so, last night for dinner, our adventure began.  I thought it was overly dramatic that kiddos awoke feeling aweful already, you know from GAPS.  Um, I don't think so, since it's not like we don't have soup for dinner at normal times.  Anyways, things went downhill from there.  Lots of yuckiness all around.  I am allowing for blueberries and strawberries since I know that a few of my children are not able to deal with a rightful trial of intro.  But, I suppose with all their misery they are going through with those allowances, something is working.  Everyone is *STARVING*.  Ugh.  I really, really forgot about that very inconvenient by product of intro.  I will have to make up a bunch more food to have on hand.  I did NOT go into this well prepared (food wise, since emotionally and mentally I was prepared). 

I was in the kitchen earlier to make up some more soup when the baby dropped a pot on my toe.  Ow.  And, Ow, again.  For a second there I thought he broke it!  It is completely purple and painful, though with the help of some Motrin wallking is fine.  I was really bumming since I've been staying on top of doing my T-Tapp.  I did a 13 day bootcamp, and have been doing the full workout every other day.  On the inbetween days I have been doing the 15 minute routine and the "Hit the Floor" routine.  Today would have been a full workout day, but I decided to forgo it as trying to get my foot into a shoe just didn't seem doable (I didn't try though).  I am hoping I can pick up where I left off.

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Sarah Faith said...

I heard castor oil can help prevent a bruise or help it move through faster... check out the comments on earthclinic.com! did you see my post on my blog with the picture of baruch in his sweater? :)

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