Sunday, April 29, 2012

Prayers are good :-)

So, with all this time away from the computer, one would think I have been able to accomplish my long list of "to-do's".  Ha, well you would be wrong if you thought that!  For some reason I see this as a repeat of last year, but the truth is the truth, we have been 'plagued'.  We've been dealing with a LOT of issues around here, all of which have seriously thrown a wrench into my plans.  Although it may be "my plans" which is the reason all of this is going on.  I am sure that is part of it.  Either way we've been swamped.  Here are some of the issues we've been dealing with:

ring worm (on two of the children)
head lice
sinus issues
new allergies (Isa came down with a serious peanut allergy this past month, and now Flannery is reacting to eggs)
tear ducts swelling
severe menstrual cramping (that was getting better, and is now worse)
some strange itchy mouth sores for one child

I know there are more, but those would be the major ones.  That doesn't even account for our animals.  With the warmer winter we had we are inundated with all sorts of bugs!!  We have never had a problem with lice before, but most of the animals have it (which is different than the human kind).  This morning the girls ran over to the window (they were outside) to announce that one of our goats is showing signs for labor.  This goat has had her babies around 3 o'clock in the afternoon the past two years.  This means she will be giving birth sometime tomorrow I suppose.  Please pray that all will go well.  Too many bad things have been happening here.  Last year we lost half of our milking season due to the goats getting mastitis repeatedly.  We really can not afford for that to happen this year.  I plan on making cheese this year with our milk.  We have been making a ton of yogurt and kefir as well.  I am not sure if our dwarfs are with kid, so I don't know if we will have milk during the winter like we were planning.  Only time will tell.  I am really trying to work hard on keeping within the grocery budget (with food at least) and having this milk available to us will be a big help.  Just yesterday we had our shopping day and I spent almost $30 in milk alone.  And that was with me trying to be ultra conservative, because we really could use 4 more gallons on top of what I bought. 

I need to spend some time making up some new chore lists.  After doing some research I've come up with a new plan of action to take care of the animals.  Our food can only be as healthy as the source it is coming from.  With that in mind we are going to try to make a big attempt to get our animals as healthy as possible, with in our means.  This will involve more work.  On top of all of this I am still trying to get what little bit of organizing/decluttering done here inside the house.  That proves difficult with three little boys getting into everything.  Only once did I put on a video.  That was a REALLY bad day.  The girls are capable of watching them, but they've had their own work to do. It's definitely a season of treadmill running, and I am not talking about exercise!  I mean I keep running around here without getting anywhere :-) 

Alright, enough of the fussing.  The baby just went down for a nap, so I plan on trying to get a few things done (we can't go to church due to the lice :-(  ).    

Now, not all has been a lose.  I've gotten some things done.  I am hoping to steal borrow Isa's or Flannery's camera to take some pictures of what I have accomplished.

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