Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!!!!

Yes, we are still alive.....and kicking at that :-) AND I have a new look, it appears that the masses were getting restless with the eye popping polka dots......hahahahahahahahaaaaa and throw in a giggle and a snort along with that! In case you feel like you are an outsider in all of this, you will just have to look at my last comment :-)

I would LOVE to write a bunch more, more about what's been going on around here and some deep and thoughtful things as well, but it appears that my brain is on vacation. I am very serious. It is a sad, sad thing to behold. But the results of mega hormones racing through my body! I know not everyone was able to get a letter from us this Christmas, so for those of you who don't know yet, we are expecting our sixth blessing!!!! It appears that the due date is July 4th! How cool is that? Although that would make three of our 6 children's b-days in July! A busy, busy month.

I have a funny little video clip to share on homeschooling, also my original version of my arrow story that we didn't put in our newsletter, I still want to write about the conference, also Christmas pictures and I'm sure there are other really deep and meaningful things as well. BUT until my brain comes back, it may have to wait :-)

Have an awesome NEW DAY!


Angie said...

Happy New Year!!!!

Tracy said...

WooooHooooo!!!! Look at the pretty colors!! Happy New Year to all 8 of you!!! We love you all!!!

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