Monday, December 10, 2007

The dreaded flu

We all, yes, ALL have the bonifide flu!! So all this sickness has truly been horrid. Ha, ha...I've always heard that most people who think they have the flu, really don't. So besides the time when I had the flu some 8 years or so ago, I have never thought that we had it....till this past week. After a weeks worth of fever for one child and a few more with days and days of a high fever, deep coughs, runny noses galore (can you say 10 boxes of kleenex....and no I am not kidding), red, red eyes, pain, and more pain......well I have to say this time I thought, this may really be the flu. But I wasn't so bold as to say it out loud. But now we have confirmation. Isabella was so sick yesterday (Sunday) that we had to take her to urgent care. There they did a swab test and it was positive for the flu. Because she was so sick they put her on antibiotics, as there was a question as to the possibility of her starting pneumonia, and they gave her Tamiflu. You are supposed to start the Tamiflu within 48 hours after exhibiting symptoms, and the doctor said there was only a 20% chance that it would help her since she had already been sick for 5 days. But today she is a bit better. A big sigh of relief. Especially since the doctor told us that if she did not get better in 2 or 3 days we were to take her to the hospital! Yikes!

We called our regular family doctor today to see about getting the other kiddos some of the flu drugs. He didn't suggest them for the girls, but did urge us to get them for Jedidiah. So far Jedidiah seems to be fairing the best of us all! However with his compromised immune system he said it could take *weeks* for him to get over it! Not a pleasant thought. So Jerry will be heading out to the pharmacy soon to get a lot more meds. We have decided to get them for the other girls as well. Moira is on day 3 of high fevers, and the meds are not bringing them down, just like in Isabella's case. So far Flannery is responding to fever reducing medicines, but since she just started hers yesterday she has the best chance of making a much quicker recovery from this.

We have been eating all prepared meals these last few days. The funny thing is that no one really likes them! When you don't eat convenience meals and then have to eat them everyday, well it;s a bit weird. I can taste the loads of salt in them. Although they haven't been a fancy for the taste buds (or pocket book!) they have been a great relief to me as I have not been able to cook.

I am really looking forward to getting back into the swing of things. Although I think this whole week will be dedicated to recovery. I've decided to cancel all our appointments and we'll have to pick up where we left off next week.

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