Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Life is Full

I wish I had the camera to share some pics, but its at the new house, and I am at the old one. We still don't have internet there and it will probably be a while before we do! Ugh! I suppose I need more lessons in patience. We started school yesterday. It went well. Even today, we have to run some errands and we are all done with the exception of history reading and it's only noon! Yeah!!! I made up my master schedule last night and I was worried I may not have scheldued enough time for everything, but I think we will have more time open! That's a good thing. I think the major differences this year is that Isabella's math is much simpler to teach. I am soooooo excited about that . I really like Saxon, but the early grades are time consuming. But once you get to the 4th grade level the approach changes and it is mot so time consuming. So only Moira's will be time consuming. The other difference is that they have an incentive to do thier work in a timely fashion ( I think I spent half the day riding Isabella to get her work done). They get a computer coupon if they do thier work on time with a good attitude. So far so good, they have each earned computer time.

Little man is doing well. He's still a wee one, only seven and a half pounds! He's still not as big as our biggest newborn (8lbs). Soon enough though I am sure.

The weight loss is going slow and steady. Which is good as I would be concerned to loose too fast as Jedidiah is gaining slowly. He was gaining slowly before the contest started so it has nothing to do with that. I am eating very well, exercising 6 days a week, and doing toning exercises and believe it or not I am drinking a lot of water!

Well I need to check my email and then run to the store and get home to clean up.

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