Saturday, August 12, 2006

We're moved in......Sorta.....

Well just about all our stuff is there. A very big thank you to the 15 people (from church) who showed up to help with the move. They got the moving truck packed in 40 minutes!! Wow, I think that is some sort of record. I have to say, we have this moving thing pretty down pat (not that I want to use those skills ANYTIME soon!!). Despite having 5 kiddos to watch, feed, clean....and one being a newborn still, we actually had everything packed!!! Not to mention Jerry put just about all the boxes out in the garage. Not only that but he organized the garage in sections, so all of the stuff going into the house was in one section, all the things needing to go in the atic, in another section, etc. I am pretty impressed.

Now for the *sorta* in my title. We still have no electricity in our new house. The good news is that it should be done Monday. ("should be" are key words here) It's a very long story, but we are very pleased that we will have it so soon. Now we are trying to convince Time Warner to give us cable. Both of our neighbors have it. But when we called for service they told us they have no intentions of bringing service to that area. Ummmm, then can you please explain why are neighbors on either side of us have it??? Thanks to Jerry's persistant calls (like two times a day) they are relenting, and are giving us price quotes to bring the lines in. I am eager to get our stuff unpacked and get our life going again. I am sooooo, soooooooo, SSOOOOOO ready to get back to a routine. And SSSSSOOOOOOOOOO ready to crack down on the child training!!! Things have been a wee bit out of control around here. Which I totally expected. I mean we just have a baby, then we put a move on top of it. That's enough fuel to feed unruley children.

Jedidiah is doing great. He's getting bigger. He's a whole 7 pounds!! He went from the 3rd percentile to the 5th!! Woohooo!! It's so weird that he is 6 weeks, but still a newborn size. He is still not as big as our biggest newborn (that being Flannery topping the scales at 8lbs). Saoirse was born at 7lbs, but three weeks later she was 10 lbs! What were we feeding her? He is just starting to give us little smiles. His face lights up when he sees us. I love that :-)

I am taking this week off of the BL3 contest. Another long story, but it coincides nicely with our move. So that is one less thing to think about. I will continue to exercise and eat as I should, but will not have to do the challenge or the task for the week, which will free up my time. Definitely what I need right now.

We will be going out to dinner tonight as I have to unpack my pans from the other house to bring back here to use for the next few days. We won't be doing much tonight, although the temps are great right now. Maybe after dinner we will do a tiny bit. We have to run by and open the fridge doors. We dont' want it to get moldy in there. I had the doors open, but needed to close them to put some stuff away and forgot to open them. Ugh. Have a good day.

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Melissa/HK said...

I hope you're back online soon!!!!

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