Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Guess we'll have to take that two week break...

I mentioned that I was thinking about taking two weeks off of activities....well yesterday night Jonah was complaining of his legs hurting.  I was hoping, REALLY hoping, that it was just growing pains.  But then he started complaining of a headache. He woke up still in pain, and then Jed was acting funny.  Although Jedidiah is not our most active child, he isn't one to just lie on the couch for the heck of it.  He eventually fell asleep on the couch at 11 in the morning.  Sigh.  He woke up, and decided he needed to rid himself of the contents of his stomach, followed a couple of hours later by Jonah....and then a couple more hours by Merida.  Oh joy.

Maybe, just maybe it's food poisoning.  But at this rate, I'm not taking chances!  So I called off all outside activities (for the younger kiddos).  They seem to be the ones getting sick first.  We did start on GAPS today, but it's going to be a while before we see some progress.  My kids will readily eat yogurt, and I can usually get away with putting some fermented veggie juice in their soup or other meal...but I think this time around I am going to use some supplements to get us headed in the right direction faster.  I don't need this to take any longer than it has to!

I made a bunch of GAPS food, and then most of it disappeared....down the throats of my kids!  For the amount of time I spent in the kitchen I think there should be a **whole** lot more evidence that I was actively working, then there is in my fridge!  As long as I stay a couple of days ahead, we should be fine.  I think there is enough yummy food to be had on full GAPS, so I am not too worried of a mutiny at this time :-)  There may be a whole lot of yogurt and fruit eating going on for a bit.  Again, I'm not too worried, as the transition can be difficult, so whatever makes it easier I'm up for.  

The other day I drove the older girls to a church that was having free prom dresses and accessories available to teen girls.  This was amazing!!!  My girls got some fabulous dresses and makeup!  I didn't want to take Merida in since that was just going to be a recipe for disaster.  Instead I took her to a park nearby, which happened to be a park I visited when I was a nanny, some 20 years ago!!  I was walking up to it thinking....wow that looks familiar...oh, wait, so does that...

I am thinking of doing a playground hop this spring/summer.  There are a ton of parks in the surrounding areas and I would love to bring my kids to them for a change of pace.  We usually frequent the same two playgrounds.  Maybe a new playground, and a new hiking trail each month.  I started making a list and it will take us a while to get to them all!

A long standing dream....a tree fort!  It's been a long wait.  Unfortunately for my girls, they didn't get to see that dream in their childhood :-(  But for the youngest four....this is pretty exciting!  It is a triangle shape, and now has slats on it.  I wouldn't let anyone up there, without an adult right there, until the slats were put on!  This would be quite a fall, and with all the bad things going on over here...I really, really, REALLY didn't want to have another hospital visit for a broken arm.  The kids always want to have a picnic, but between the chickens and the cats, that is impossible.  But now, they can have a picnic in their fort and be chicken and cat free!

This was right before Merida became ill today.  There is a LOT of driving to be had this week, between Moira's job, and Flannery's horse camp, and other get togethers, and events!  So we dropped  Moira off at work, and drove right to get Flannery, but we were an hour early.  I had totally forgotten they had a little playground on the premises.  It worked out great.  The funny thing is that there were a couple of big carpenter bees buzzing nearby.  Merida would just shoo them away, totally not afraid.  But she saw these two little gnats on the slide and she freaked out!  She is completely afraid of ants and other tiny little bugs. If she sees them on her swing, or a slide at the park she will refuse to use them!  It may be a long summer!  I tell all the other kids to NOT point out the bugs in the house, or outside.  A crane fly got in the house and you would have thought the world was ending!!!  Blood curdling screams.

Speaking of Merida, it appears she is still not feeling well.  She is sleeping but keeps crying out :-(  Off to cuddle with her.

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Jennifer said...

Oh dear. I hope this sickness doesn't last too long. I know what it's like - the domino affect, and it makes it feel like the sickness goes on forever.

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