Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Girls Night Out

We attempt to get some more concentrated time with our kiddos.  Please read....try.  Jeremiah will attempt to have one on one time with each child.  I can never really have one on one, since I usually have a baby, or when I don't *everyone* wants to be the ONE child to go with me.  Recently we had a couple of "girls night out" times.  Fun times!

The baby was put to bed (yes, she is a girl, but a wee one that needs sleep more than ice cream), and the rest of us got ready to go out.  Our destination?  The local ice cream 'stand'....Sonic.  Ironically, all winter long we have had above normal temps.  This week?  Freezing cold.  It's freezing cold out and my girls want to go get some ice cream.  Of course.  Makes perfect sense.  It didn't help we had limited time and limited funds, so ice cream it was.

There is always a lot of silliness during this time.  As it should be.  I have plenty of time to have deep conversations with my girls.  This time is for FUN.  Not only did we have fun, but I think some unsuspecting patrons had fun watching us have fun :-)  Actually, I am pretty sure they just thought we were nuts.  In case you do not have a Sonic in your neck of the woods, it is a spin on an old classic.  You pull up into a parking space with it's own order screen.  Place your order and your order is brought out by a 'waiter/ess' on roller skates.  They have a few outside tables that you can eat at instead.  We choose a bit of both worlds.  We ordered our food at the outside table area, had a lot of fun being silly, and when our food came we ran back to the warm truck.

Although I took quite a few pictures. they were mostly of me trying to capture the girls in mid air.  It was night time, and let's just say 99% of my pictures were all blurry.  Oh well.  You will at least get the idea of the craziness.  And, no, I never left the ground :-)  Only my girls did.

On top of  doing lots of jumping off of outside benches, we also had a lot of fun talking about all of the ways to keep safe.  Safe from what?  Vampires of course.  Yes, vampires.  One of the girls' friends has made the connection that in all of the scary movies she has watched that the one thing that no one has ever done (in an attempt to stay safe) was to make dinosaur noises to ward off any evil.  Brilliant!  A round of dino noises ensued.  Especially when we arrived the dark...surrounded by woods (where all bad, scary things live of course).  There was of course the serious talk of what you shouldn't do, you know, like walk outside into the dark, into the woods to see 'what that sound' was.  Or, leaving the lights off when you investigate a strange noise.  Which herb is for killing vampires.  Practical things.

And then there was the singing.  This is the one time I really 'allow' the music to blast.  I can't stand music playing at home.  It's just more *noise* in my day.  It's not that I don't like music, I just can't stand another layer of noise.  But for girls night out, music is a must.  So lots of silly sing alongs, and being dramatic.

Flannery wanted to extend our time by roaming around a store, but we were all cold, and I was not up for walking around a store.  Maybe next time.

 Before we left three of the girls decided they needed a new coat of nail polish before heading out.  They wanted to paint my nails, but I had to drive, and time was a ticking before the baby might wake, so I declined.

 Isabella had been at horses all day, but drove over to meet up with us at our destination.  Everyone was in a chipper mood.

It didn't take long for the silliness to start.  Here we are ordering our food. Ice cream, in freezing weather.  Ok, "freezing" Southern weather. And for my Northern readers it is supposed to be a high of 16* in two more days.  We might freeze to death over here.  Pray for us :-P

 One of one hundred attempts to get a shot of jumping in mid air.  I have lots and lots of failures.  Thankfully for me, all of my failures are just as funny!

 Saoirse?  What in the world are you doing?  That's the great thing about being silly, it really doesn't matter.  I assure you that the other customers (there were 3 other cars) never saw this coming!  Who needs TV when real life is this good?

After this jump Isabella kind of tripped and came flying my way.  She was fine, but it was pretty funny.  And Flannery takes the award of highest jump. That girl can, jump.

There you have it, girls night out.  Now that I am thinking about it my husband might not ever let us leave as a group again :-)  Ha, ha.  No worries, the boys had a boys night out a few days later. Though something tells me it was more refined.  But, there was talk of the things they would do together when they got older.  It had to do with knives, guns and such.  Now that I think about it, I might have to make sure they don't go out as a group :-)

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Tracy Scarpulla said...

How freaking adorable!! Ice cream in this weather??? Heck we have negative temps up here and still my kids beg for ice cream at the farm store! We have our own silliness goings on around here - but instead of jumping off benches we are jumping off snow hills made HUGE by our friendly neighbor and his plow (you see 2 feet of snow from a long driveway piles up high really fast!). Last year our snow hill didn't melt until May I think. This year it may not melt until June I think! But anyway we had a heat wave today!! 31 degrees and SUNNY! Oh my - the kids have been outside for 3-4 hours now! Total craziness I tell you! Then we will order pizza and watch the new Hunger Games movie. We'll have to get together for some silly times soon! :)

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