Saturday, August 23, 2014

Baby Cakes

Wow, what a remiss mommy I am.  Totally lacking in the photography department of baby Merida.  I mean, she's seven months old now (WOW, time flies), and I have personally taken about 20 pictures of the child.  Oy.  Now, to my defense, this has been for safety reasons.  "Safety?",  you may ask.  Yes, safety.  Merida does have two very active brothers ahead of her.  Brothers who want to hold her, share their small Legos with her, play wrestle with her, try to carry her.....dangerous, dangerous indeed.  It is difficult to take pictures of a baby in your arms, when that baby is a wiggle worm, and when you have to be taking the picture as well.  Merida spends 75% of her waking time in my arms.  The rest of the time she is either in someone else's arms, in her exersaucer, or on the ground.  But usually, if she is in someone else's arms I am making a mad dash around the house trying to get things done.  She is still not sleeping well for naps leaving me with little time, with two hands, to get things done.

As a matter of fact I only made Aubrey and I breakfast, started typing and she is awake from her nap!  Ugh!  Today, before she went down for her nap, with only Aubrey up and occupied, I grabbed my camera.  I was able to get a few pictures of sweet Merida.

Merida was intrigued by my camera.  A new toy!

Too funny.  I love her facial expressions.

A sweet smile.

She has so many shared traits with different children.  She is strong willed like Isabella, but quiet like Moira, and here you can see she can be very studious and serious, like Aubrey.

But, that changes quickly :-)

Being seven months old means there won't be too many toothless smiles left.  I have to say I always miss that part of babyhood.  I am sad to say I do not have but a few pictures to document this stage :-(

Look at that girlie!  She is able to get up on hands and knees.  She can't crawl yet, but she knows how to get up, like above, and 'fall' forward, to inch her way around.  So she is semi mobile right now!  Yikes. I was able to get a decent shot of her sweet cheeks.  I love how round her cheeks are....soooo squishy and cute!

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Jennifer said...

What a sweetie! She does have beautiful, squishy cheeks.

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