Sunday, April 27, 2014

A new series....hopefully!

So there have been some revelations around here lately.  In many different areas of life.  For myself one area that has taken on a new shape is realizing that I can't do it all.  Wow, amazing, right?  Maybe you all figured this out already.  It has taken me ummm.... way too long!  But better late than never, right?  So this new series will document the areas that I am learning to "make it work".  That is, making it work for *ME*.  This also coincides with a few other changes, for example the idea of taking all this stuff I know in my head and living it.  I need to stop the research and instead live it out.

Thankfully I had a conversation with a friend who really helped to show me I was on the right path with this idea.  She explained that there are some people who know the "what", and others who know the "how".  For her own example she used her sister, who had researched a new diet that she thought could help my friend's family.  However this sister had no idea of how to actually make it work.  My friend on the other hand is not good in the searching out of new ideas, but when given an idea, in this case the diet, she was able to make it work for her family.

I fall in the category of knowing the 'what'. I fall way short of knowing HOW to make it work for my family.  So this series is an attempt of me figuring out the "HOW".

The idea of "Making It Work" for my family, being at peace with it, and knowing that there will be a time to do more in another season of life, have been freeing.  Realizing that my personality, strengths and weaknesses all lend to how things will actually play out in my home is starting to bring hope for my frazzled brain.  For example our schooling is never perfect.  And for a very long time this has been a burden to me.  But coming to realize that I need to only look to the Lord to see what He would have me do, and NOT to worry about how everyone else is doing it, has been a huge weight off my shoulders.  This does not mean I am walking in perfect peace, but that I am learning.

I am looking forward to working on certain areas around our home, taking the ideas that are in my head, and making them a reality.  This series will encompass many areas, some of which will be me just trying to make it work with what I have on hand.  AND learning to be at peace with the results!  So come join me, and see what I learn along the way.  I can't promise that a new post will be up on a certain day, but I would like to try to get a new one up every Monday or two.

Let me know how you are "Making It Work" for you and your family...whatever that *it* is :-)


momof4andmaybemore said...

Looking forward to this series! :)

FarmerGirl said...

Oh my word you sound like me! I too look forward to the series! And thank you for your kind words on my blog.

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