Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Baby update

I just had my second appointment with my midwife.  Things look well.  I measured 19cm (I am 21 weeks along), so if things stay that way (growth rate wise) then hopefully we are looking at a 7 pound baby and not an 8 pounder.  That would be a welcome relief.  My 8 pounders were all hard to deliver.  I don't look forward to a repeat, 3 of them was enough :-)

My midwife does not use a doppler, so for now she just makes sure she can locate the heart beat, and she said it sounds to be around 140.  And anyone who knows us, knows that we use that number to play our 'baby guessing game'.  Ha, ha.  The old wives tale is that a heart rate of 140 is a boy, and one that is around 160 is a girl.  Sooooo, it's still looking like a boy :-)  However, she didn't actually clock it, so we really don't *truly* know.  Once the baby is a bit bigger, and it's heart rate is louder she will record the actual rate.  But that is the number we have for now.

The last time the midwife was here she gave me a folder of informational papers.  However, her printer went out on her and she only had half of them.  This time she gave me the rest.  One of them was the supply list.  Pretty much most of the homebirth supply lists are the same.  But I made sure to look over it.  And, I know it sounds silly, but I got SO excited looking over it, imagining gathering all of our supplies.  I am so grateful for that excitement.  As some of you know I have had huge apprehensions about this birth.  This is due to Aubrey's labor and delivery.  But with prayer, and with doing what I know to do (read, and read some more :-)), I am finding that I am more at peace with this baby's birth.  I am still being cautious, listening for those small voices that were being spoken with Aubrey's pregnancy.  So far I haven't heard any. 

I am also happy to report that so far I have gained a total of 6 pounds...if you go by my starting weight.  I am still not sure what number to use, as I lost 5 pounds during that first month.  Either way, that means a possible 11 pound gain, which I am very grateful for.  For most of my pregnancies I've gained 40 plus pounds.  That makes those last couple of months *very* difficult.  With only one of my pregnancies I gained a total of about 28-29 pounds, and what a *huge* difference in my energy levels, and ease of moving that made!  So even if I were to suddenly start gaining a pound a week (I think that doesn't start till after 28 weeks?) that leaves me with a total gain of 25-30 pounds.

Please note, I do NOT limit my food intake.  I feel VERY strongly about nourishing my baby properly.  And although I do not enjoy gaining 40 pounds, during pregnancy I eat until satisfied.  This time around after being on GAPS, this is my first pregnancy that I wasn't "starving" the first 4 months.  As opposed to when I was pregnant with Jedidiah, and I gained 60 pounds because that 'starving' feeling lasted all 9 months!  My theory is that my body knew the baby wasn't getting what he needed, and as such I felt hungry all the time, eating in order to try to get those calories to the baby (which obviously didn't happen!).  Either way I listen to my body and eat accordingly, no matter what that means for a final gain on my part.

Overall, I am very happy with how things are going.  I am still nervous that this baby will be mispositioned, but I still have weeks till I have to worry about that.  But, honestly, after 7 pregnancies my tummy muscles are not what they used to be.  And that's putting it lightly :-)  With weaker muscles, the baby has more room to move at will, and get itself into positions its not supposed to be in.  But, I will at least be trying all I can to sit properly, and continue to exercise, to do all I can on my part, to encourage the baby to be head down AND facing the right direction for its birth.

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