Sunday, May 13, 2012

porcupine livers

First off, I want to say a "Happy Mother's Day" to all the wonderful mommies out there :-)  Yes, it's Sunday.  And yes, we should be at church by now, but we're not...buggies ya know.  Ugh.  I'm taking a bit of a different approach which I will recap at a later time, if it pans out. 

But on to porcupine livers.  I can assure you its not what you think.  No homeschool experiment, no science, just selfishness.  Oh, yes, selfishness.  So what does porcupine liver have to do with selfishness.  You see whenever I get myself a little something to eat, no matter how quietly I do so, every child seems to know I have food as soon as I sit down to eat!  This morning was no exception.  I made myself a wee bit of chocolate frosting and grabbed a handful of crispy walnuts.  And like clock work as soon as I sat down....little boys appeared :-)  Jonah and Aubrey were partaking of said chocolate and nuts.  Jed came along and asked what I was eating.  In an attempt to save some for me, I told him, "Porcupine livers."  To which he said, "Oh, porcupine livers!" And he dug right in :-)  After awhile I asked him, "Hey, isn't it amazing that porcupine livers taste just like chocolate and walnuts?"  No answer, his mouth was full.

Yesterday we finally celebrated Saoirse's birthday.  Well, sort of.  Half way.  We at least had a birthday dinner, and the cake was half way made.  But by the time we got done eating the dinner everyone was stuffed so we decided to hold off on the cake until today.  For Saoirse's b-day dinner we had pizza.  NOT GAPS legal pizza either.  Oh, no, it was the real deal....homemade, with wheat!  It was a compromise.  Buying some cheese and pepperoni is a LOT cheaper than going out to eat (which she requested).  Funny thing though.  Jonah remembered that pepperoni tastes yummy, but he didn't remember the name of them :-)  When he saw them he said, "Oh, I want some of....of...that!"  I asked him what they were called, and he couldn't remember!  Too funny.  And the baby. Well the baby doesn't remember me cooking with grain and was perplexed as to if it was ok to touch.  When I gave him a slice of pizza he kind of looked around to see what everyone else was doing with it.  He took one bite and didn't eat any more!  What?!  A child of mine not liking pizza?  We must remedy this.          

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