Thursday, January 24, 2008

Jedidiah's GI appointment

Well Jedidiah had his three month follow up for his mic-key button (when they made the switch from the g-tube that protruded to the button. The doctor was very happy with his progress. We talked about getting him more calories as I believe he needs to play a bit of catch up with his recent illnesses. The GI doc didn't really think he needed too much more. He said for us to play it by ear. But the plan for now is to introduce him to Pediasure (the one that is meant for tube feedings). His normal formula is 20 calories per ounce and the Pediasure is 30 calories per ounce. This could really, really help him catch up! Not only that, but when he is gaining some good weight we can then cut back a bit and he may end up needing less volume per feeding, which means his feedings will take less time. That would be very nice for Jed.

On other fronts we had Flannery reach a mile stone.....her first missing tooth. Although we do believe it was a bit premature. This is a good lesson for children to learn that they need to listen to their parents! You see when we see that the girls start getting out of hand when they pretend to be animals we will tell them it is time to stop and take a break. Sometimes that break is just for an hour, sometimes it's for days. They were on the "days" break when I needed to leave the room to go grab Jedidiah. In that moment Flannery and Saoirse decided to play horsey, with "bridle" and all. So Saoirse puts a shoe string type string in Flannery's mouth......I of course do not know this is going on and I hear " my tooth in half?" Um...WHAT? Flannery comes up to me and I look in her mouth to see that she has a VERY loose front bottom tooth. Now it took me a few seconds to process this. After all she is almost six, it is time to lose those teeth....but wow it was really lose! So I tell her no, it's not in half, just loose. She wasn't sure if that was good or bad. I told her that it was good as it was time to start getting big girl teeth in. BUT then she goes on to say that she had told Saoirse not to pull the string out her mouth. I'm thinking, what string? She goes on to explain that they were playing horsey.....and well..... So she proceeds to go on and on and on and cry and wail about how much it was hurting. So I tell her, that it would hurt if it was loosened too soon. I gave her some Motrin, and told her she would have to wait till it kicked in. She would not leave that tooth alone, she kept touching it and trying to put it back in place. This would have been very funny if she wasn't freaking out so much about it all! So finally after 30 minutes of this I tell her she needed to go in another room. I couldn't stand for her to keep freaking out, all because it would hurt more for her to touch it, but she wouldn't stop touching it! She comes back in about a minute all happy and waving her new lost tooth in her hand! YEAH!! We were BOTH very relieved to say the least. So she has her first lost tooth. I do hope her next one will be coming out on it's OWN time.

We continue to battle illnesses. I am getting very, very, ummmmm VERY tired of us all being sick! Someone here has been sick literally for the last 7 weeks! NO JOKE. I think it is time for some serious revamping of our diet. We really haven't been eating poorly, but clearly we are not eating healthy either. Granted your diet will not prevent you from being sick all the time, but it can and should make a big difference. Healthy foods cost more. However the amount of money we have spent on doctors visits and meds has been astronomical. It would have been far more prudent and enjoyable to have spent it on healthy foods and have been healthy than to have spent it on being sick! I think I will start small, like adding a veggie/fruit juice (fresh) each morning. Then make a raw lunch. I believe our breakfasts have been good, although I need to get in the habit of soaking our grains overnight, which have more health benefits. I'll save the revamping of dinners for another month :-)

OK, one last thing as I need to go and get some breakfast made, lest I have a mutiny on my hands....This past school year we had pared down to the bare basics. With all that was going on with Jedidiah it wasn't possible to add a bunch of extras. Now things are starting to relax a bit and we have been looking into other things like history, science and language arts. We have found a great program that includes all of that in one. They use "living books", as apposed to a text book to teach these things. We are really excited about it, and will be ordering it today sometime I believe. As a matter of fact I think I will make a separate post with all the links to the things we use in our homeschooling. Then you all can see what we do all day :-) Yeah, eating bon bons is not one of them :-)

I'll write later about the homeschool stuff and post some pictures. I know I have some cute ones somewhere.

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