Monday, December 18, 2006

Jedidiah's gaining weight

We had our midwife come over today to weigh Jedidiah. He was an even 10 pounds two weeks ago and today he was about 10 pounds and 7 ounces. So that's a bigger gain than he's had in quite a while. My midwife had mentioned how some moms take their babies to the chiropracters for adjustments and have seen improvements with their latch on. So Jerry had an appointment for himself this evening and I asked him to call to see if the adjust babies. They do and told him to bring the baby in when he came. So there was just his very top vertabrea that was out of whack. I didn't even notice that she adjusted him, but she had. She said its a very little movement. She told me to expect him to be fussy this evening, but that he wouldn't be in pain. I am glad she told me that because he was one fussy little muffin tonight! Oy! But he's asleep now and I am hoping he will get some good rest in.

We just started our two week break today. We started our day with having to go to the farm nearby to get our milk. While there some of their goats and sheep decided that the grass was greener on the other side of their fence and escaped. The girls had a lot of fun with the farmer's kids rounding up the animals. Plus they had made soap and we got to take home a free bar. The soap is made almost entirely of the things they have on the farm, or from other farmers. I can't wait to use it. I still really want to make my own someday. I need to start looking for the equipment at the Good Will or garage sales.

So then after our farm adventure we had our midwife come over. Then I decided we really needed to dive into some training sessions. The neat thing about the sessions is they can be really fun. I have a few new ideas to try this time around. The girls have been having a hard time talking kindly to one another. So I brought out our ABC tiles. I had them take turns picking a letter tile and then they had to think of a word that starts with that letter that could be something nice to say about someone. For example the letter "L" they thought of "love" and used it to say I love you.

I am not sure if I have any other pictures to share. I've lost track. I have been trying to continue reading the online book. Not to mention that we are really going to revamp our diet. I have had a hard time trying to figure out the exact type of diet that I want to go for. I think I have come to a good mixture of what I've read. If my copy/paste is still working I'll link you to the site. I think I would want to make sure there are more raw foods each day, but I do want to make sure to "treat" my grains and make keifer and other homemade milk products with our raw milk. The first article was called Nutrition 101. If you visit her site soon it should still be on the first page at the bottom. If not then it may get put to another page as she puts up new posts. But it's a neat site. Go to:

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Tracy said...

Hey there....slacking a bit on your posts aren't you? HAHA! Where's all the holiday pics? Hope Jedidiah is still gaining! Let me know when the next weigh in is!

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