Natural Healing

This is a page that had sat in "coming soon" status for far too long.  Partly for lack of time to dedicate to this subject, and partly because I wasn't sure where to start.  I think, like most people who take a more natural approach to health, that this road of natural healing is a journey.  There wasn't a moment where I just woke up and "got it".  There have been a few "ah-ha" moments to be sure, but for the most part I read, learn and try to impliment. 

I will spare you the long, long story of the twists and turns this journey has led us, and instead explain how I view health and what we do to promote it.  I believe that the Lord has given us what we need to keep healthy.  There are definitely exceptions, but our bodies were designed to work.  He made us and pronounced His creation 'good'.  Sin has a way of marring the 'good' design, but the premise remains the same.

With all of the technology we have today it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that we are in serious trouble health wise.  It seems the more technologically advanced we get the sicker we become.  Yes, we have the wonderful ability to save some people who are having a heart attack, but I haven't seen figures that the rate of heart attacks have decreased.  We have been told by the powers that be what we should or shouldn't be eating, and we assume this information comes from scientific research.  Unfortunately, depending on how the study was done, you can almost prove any point you want to make.  I have read again and again of studies showing contrary outcomes, only for those outcomes to be dismissed, all because they didn't agree with what they wanted the outcome to be!  Needless to say we are being mislead as to what is healthy.  One thing to always take into account when looking at research is to see who funded it. 

I've spent years looking for the "right" diet, the "correct" way to eat.  I've read books upon books, article upon article in search of how we are to nourish ourselves.  In this search I bypassed the most important book of all, the  Bible.  No, the Bible does not lay out a diet plan :-)  But like much of the way we read the Bible, the answers are there.  Basically, for me....if God made it, the it is good.  Please, please before you start pointing out all the poisonous plants that abound, I don't mean that EVERYTHING out there is good to eat.  But of the food items that He has graciously given us, they are all good, and able to meet our dietary needs.  The problem with humans?  We think we can do better!  Unfortunately that is rarely the case.  We take what He has given us and extracted/pressed/diluted/hydrogenated/polluted the item into something that you will NOT find growing in nature.  Take a box of cereal.  Look at the ingredients list.  How many of those *exact* items can you find in nature.  I say "exact" because although corn syrup comes from corn, you will not find it growing in a field AS corn syrup.  The avearge person, in their home kitchen will not be able to come up with corn syrup (as the industry makes it).  How  many of those ingredients can you even pronounce, let alone know what they are?  The preservatives?  The colorings? The "natural flavorings"?  What is up with that?  I mean can you go to the store or to a farmer and say, "Excuse me, I was wondering if you had any "natural flavorings" for sale?" 

I'm sure many of you have read about trying to fuel a car with water, or something other than what the maker intended.  You won't get too far!  The same can be said with our health.  Our bodies were meant to eat certain things, and now a days, what we put into our mouths is nothing that nature would recognize.  To start on the road to health we needed to start eating the foods God gave us to eat.  But, even after that we were still (as a family) sick, sick, sick.  How can this be?  Well, all those unreconizable food stuffs we had eaten over the years, all of the all powerful bacteria killers (antibiotics/anitbacterial soaps, etc.), and all of the tag along chemicals from the pesiticides sprayed on our food to our contaminated water, they take their toll on a system that was not meant to process them.  The
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