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Life With Full Hands came about in my attempt to stay connected with family.  Our family is scattered across the US and with each addition to the family it grew harder and harder to keep up the requests of pictures and information on what we were up to.  I am not exactly the most organized person.  I was looking for a way to kill many birds with one stone, and blogging accomplished that. 

For those of you who do not know us personally, I would love to introduce you to our crew.  We are currently a family of nine.  Our world view is shaped by our Christian beliefs. Therefore we take a (sometimes) much different approach to this thing we call life.  We are a homeschooling family, and that means our days run differently.  I wish I could say I have things figured out, but honestly I am learning as I go!  Our life is not perfect, it can get pretty chaotic around here, but I strive to write more about the good.  Although that is subject to change :-) 


I'm the writer of this blog, for better or for worse.  Although our family resides in the Southeast, I am originally from the Northeast.  We live on a little slice of land that we have been trying to make good use of.  I have many and varied interests.  Some of which is learning about gardening, animals (goats and chickens), self-sufficiency, nutrition, homeopathy, photography, crochet, and more.  I love homeschooling my children.  It is not easy, but definitely worth the investment.  I couldn't imagine it any other way!  I am an organizing queen wanna be.  With a large family one would think that I would have worked out a system to get everything accomplished each day.  Insert mad manical laugh.  I like to think that we get the things done that the Lord wants to have done.....well one can hope :-)

He usually goes by hubby on this blog.  Jeremiah is a business anylist.  He is origionaly from California.  Although he thought life would be complete with two children along with the American dream, he has come a long ways in changing that belief.  He enjoys soccer and reading.  He keeps busy after work with coaching soccer, teaching the girls history and working on the never ending list of projects here on the homestead.  Jeremiah has an evangelists heart and his greatest desire is to one day serve the most destitute of the world. 

She is our oldest child, now 14 years old.  Our family has gone through a lot of changes recently and all of us are still figuring out what that means for us.  Isabella has always loved animals, her favorites being horses and dogs.  Her favorite of favorites though are dragons.  She is a girl who skips to the beat of a different drummer.  I really love that about her.  She has been our strong willed child who has a huge potential to make a difference to the lives of others.  She surprised us recently when she discovered how much she really loves writing.  She has been working on her own books now for the past few months. 

She is the second born, now 12 years old.  She has always been our quite, shy and easy child.  She loves young children and is a big help here at home.  Moira's talents lie in her drawing capabilities.  Maybe Isabella and she can team up to write some books together?  She hates math.  And I feel her pain :-)  I can see that she loves to follow her older sister, but she has the great capability to skip to her own beat if she had just a little more confidence in what she does.  She too has a heart for the lost and needy of the world.  She would love to go to Africa one day to minister there.

Many action words describe Flannery.  She has been our ball of energy from the get go.  I am assuming that I still needed many lessons on patience and the Lord saw fit to teach me by giving us Flannery :-)  She is 10 years old at present.  She really wants to keep up with her older sisters.  She couldn't wait to learn how to read, and somehow with very little instruction on my part she accomplished that goal!  When she is motivated to do something, it gets done....we just need to work on the motivation part.  She loves to take care of her little brothers. She has an enthusiasm for life and I can only pray that I don't squelch that. 

Her name is pronounced, "seer-shuh".  She is the youngest girl in the family at 7 years old.  She is more laid back and easy going, but more on the emotional side than some of the other girls.  She loves to talk.  If I had to describe her in one word, it would be, 'sweet'.  She loves making drawings for me, or picking flowers, or other little thoughtful things.  She loves playing with her sisters, but can also be found hanging out on her own.  She loves to help me in the kitchen.

He's our first son and is currently 5 years old.  You'll see a lot about Jed on this blog as he has had health challenges since he's been born.  He is overcoming the diagnosis of failure to thrive little by little.  He also has speech apraxia, which limits his ability to communicate with the rest of us.  However, he is a bright little boy.  He loves puzzles and computer games.  He also loves the outdoors. 

Jonah is 3 years old.  He is always on the move getting into things.  He gets into lots of things!  I must still have lessons to learn on patience.  He loves to go outside.  Although he is all boy, he also is very loving.  He will stop and see if his hurt siblings are ok.  He will give hugs and loves to be held. 

He's our newest addition.  Our second winter baby, born at the beginning of the year.  He is 1.  He's a cutie pie.  He is also a drooler.  Never had one of those.  I never knew what to do with all those bibs that come with baby outfits now a days.  I eventually got rid of them.  That was a mistake!  Aubrey is a laid back fellow.  He prefers to be held and walked around.
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